Wreck it Ralph

Reasons to watch it:

  • If you like video games
  • If you like animated movies
  • It’s funny and clever
  • It’s surprisingly emotional and gripping


Reasons to skip it:

  • There are a lot of video game references that could be missed
  • Not as many good cameos as you may be hoping for


Wreck it Ralph is a fantastic idea. It’s in many ways like Toy Story for video games. Toy story was great because it brought to life our childhood toys after we have left the room. Wreck it Ralph does the same thing with video game characters, some real and some fictional. To anyone who loves video games, this is such a cool idea and really fun to watch. Seeing Zangief and Bowser hanging out together, or watching Street Fighter characters getting some root beer at the Root Beer Tapper game was just great fun. And there are many, many more clever ways that they wrap you up into the setting.


All that being said, I can imagine that if you don’t like video games, almost all of that will be lost on you. You likely wouldn’t get the same joy I did from seeing Sonic chatting with Princess Peach.


That doesn’t mean that there is nothing for you in Wreck it Ralph if you’re not a gamer. The main characters and settings in the movie are from fictional games, so you can invest in these new worlds just as much as any gamer would. This is easily done because the writers do a great job of establishing these new games as ones that you haven’t seen in arcades before, but easily could have. They’re different enough to be unique, yet similar enough that you can draw on your own gaming experience to believe in them.


When it all comes down to it though, the movie just wouldn’t work if the story were no good. Thankfully, the story is better than I expected. It manages to tell an emotional and gripping story of these characters, on a journey to discover themselves and overcome prejudice.  Again, anyone could relate to them, and that’s why Wreck it Ralph still works, even with people who don’t play games.


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