Reasons to watch it:

  • Incredible acting/directing
  • Great ensemble cast
  • Fantastic period movie (sets, costumes, art direction)
  • A very important story from a very important time in human history
  • It’s sure to be nominated for several Oscars


Reasons to skip it:

  • No real action; could be considered dry
  • If you have no real interest or knowledge of history
  • If you are hoping for vampire slaying



Lincoln is an extraordinary movie that is not for every one. It accomplishes everything it sets out to do. It is filled with a huge cast of stars that nearly all give top career performances. Spielberg shows us once again why he should keep making other movies than sci-fi.


What I was apprehensive about going into the movie was that it might be a bit too strong in its Americana, but that proved not to be the case. While the film was clearly an American movie, I felt that it was more about the story of an incredible man and what he and a few others would do to overcome such oppression, and against great odds. The movie was set in America, but could have just as easily been about abolishing slavery in another country and would have been just as moving.


All that being said, the movie can feel a bit slowed down at points. It’s not overly long, but because of the somewhat dry nature of the movie it can be taxing at times. There is also a mess of characters to keep track of and remember. I imagine this would be aided if you are more familiar with American history, but not all of us are American. At any rate, at least a basic knowledge of the civil war America is pretty important going into the movie. These are the only real drawbacks to be said for Lincoln, which is an otherwise great film.


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