Reasons to watch it:

  • It’s a bond movie
  • Well acted
  • Great action, including an incredible opening sequence
  • Some really cool cinematography
  • It goes one or two places other bond movies haven’t

Reasons to skip it:

  • If you don’t like action/Bond movies
  • It’s got some flaws. Some serious, some minor
  • It can be pretty campy/cheesy at times
  • Lots of product placements


Skyfall is almost a great Bond movie. It does so many things really well, but it seems like the writers or director got lazy on a few minor details and the whole movie suffers because of it. It’s hard to give any real examples without giving away any plot, so you will just have to trust me that certain things like the ending could have been handled so much better while only changing the most minor of scenes.

However, for what it is, this is still a good Bond movie. As I said, there is some great action to be seen, some truly breathtaking moments. I think Skyfall will help cement Daniel Craig as one of, if not the best Bond in the series.

Javier Bardem plays the villain Silva in Skyfall, and he does an exceptional job. He was perfectly psycho and yet still human. But Javier alone can only do so much. Silva frustrated me a lot as a villain. He had clear motivations but didn’t follow them. He had extremely specific plans that made no sense. The biggest let down for him, however, is during the ending. Again, I can’t talk about it without spoilers, but trust me it could have been amazing.

It’s the overall lack of polish and minor adjustments that should have been made that stops an average Bond movie from being a truly incredible one. Because of that, Skyfall was good but frustrating entertainment. Any Bond fan certainly shouldn’t miss it, but it is unlikely to win new fans. Casino Royale is still your best hope to get someone on board with Bond.


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