Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Reasons to watch it:

  • It’s really funny
  • It’s got a very good story
  • It provides a different kind of story from most any movie I’ve seen
  • Good acting, directing and script.
  • A good love story
  • Great cameos

Reasons to skip it:

  • Kiera Knightly is kind of annoying at times
  • It’s a bittersweet movie, but mostly bitter


Wow, talk about a hidden gem. I went into this movie really expecting nothing much. I didn’t think it would be too funny or I would care much about the story. Boy was I wrong.

The first third of the movie is down right hilarious. The setting of the movie is an asteroid is going to hit the earth in a few weeks and wipe out all life as we know. This sets an unusual setting for laughter. Unusual, but brilliant. It’s so funny because the main character, played by Steve Carrel, is a sad lonely guy who leads a sad life, always doing what is expected of him and not putting a toe out of line. He stays this way while the rest of the entire world is doing whatever the hell they please for the next few weeks because it is assured that humanity will end, so why hold anything back? I don’t want to ruin some of the funnier gags, but lets just say you see people doing things no sane person would ordinarily do, yet it seems to make a lot of sense in the setting.

The next two-thirds, while not as funny, are still great. They provide a surprisingly real look into what is really important to us as people, when it comes down to it. If you knew the world would only exist for a few more weeks, what would you do? What relationships would you try to repair? Who would you want to spend your last days with? Would you do whatever the hell you want because none of it matters in the end anyway, or would you see the people who make you happiest while you still can. And is there still time, in this state of chaos, to form a meaningful relationship?

Seeking a Friend For the End of the World asks these questions to its audience, and answers them for the characters. While doing so, it provides us with a hilarious and simultaneously emotional movie which left me more surprised than any other movie has in the last few years. Maybe you shouldn’t watch this movie today, but if you like good movies, you should definitely watch it at some point.


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  1. Nice review…gotta love Carrel.

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