Reasons to watch it:

  • A very tense and true drama
  • If you like spy movies with suspense
  • if you enjoy good dialogue
  • Very well written/directed

Reasons to skip it:

  • There is little to no action to speak of, so not that kind of spy movie
  • If you dislike Ben Affleck’s acting
  • If you’re not into political movies


Argo did many things right. It is a great example of the kind of movie that has many strong pieces, and when assembled correctly, it can make a very good product. It is hard to find a flaw in the movie, tho it isn’t immune to a few minor faults. Really tho they are so small, and so vastly out numbered in the otherwise quality film that it is hard to mention or remember them.

At first, I was a bit worried that the movie would be very pro America, with flags everywhere and everyone saying how amazing America is. I was also worried that it would be very anti-Iran. I am very pleased to report that this is not the case. While I am no expert on the actual facts of the original event, it seemed to me to be portrayed in a relatively unbiased way. Argo could have been much harsher on the Iranians if it chose to, but it did not.

Really tho, there are three points in this movie that are the strongest. The dialogue, the story and the directing.

The dialogue kept impressing me with great one liners and memorable quotes that I’m more likely to find myself using than from any comedy I’ve seen this year.

The story kept me on edge, even tho there was never really any doubt of the outcome. It is an incredible true story of a brilliant plan by one CIA operative. He tries to get 6 hostages secretly out of Iran, and he does so by making a fake movie and pretending he is filming in Iran as a Canadian? Awesome.

Lastly, Ben Affleck proves once again that he is a very impressive director. I never thought I would say this but he is turning into the kind of movie maker that gets me excited when I see his name attached to stuff. He knows how to construct a story and has a great vision to convey it.

As you can tell, I really liked this movie. It may not be an Oscar contender, but it is well worth your time and money to check out.


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