Men In Black 3

Reasons to Watch It:

  • Will Smith is back to his kid friendly stuff, so good for families
  • If you’re a big fan of the series or silly alien stuff
  • Josh Brolin is pretty damn good as Tommy Lee Jones
  • Surprisingly good twist and ending


Reasons to Skip It:

  • Pretty poor story
  • The villain was disappointing
  • Some plot holes/irritations

I remember the Men In Black movies pretty fondly from my childhood. Even when I was younger I think I knew they weren’t the best movies, but that they were fun enough. This still holds true today, but I’m just not the target audience anymore. For me this movie did nothing but remind me of how I don’t like these kinds of movies anymore, and that I’m no longer a kid. This isn’t a surprisingly revelation, but I hoped MIB3 would be better anyway. I can still watch a silly movie and appreciate the quality of the writing or the production values, but that doesn’t apply here. Sure, Josh Brolin was expertly cast in the role of younger Tommy Lee Jones, but aside from that, the rest of the movie was a let down. Again, I wasn’t thinking this movie would be anything more than mindless entertainment, but even with that expectation I felt like I had really wasted my time. Being a big Flight of the Conchords fan, I was most looking forward to Jemain Clement playing the villain. He is a fantastic character actor and this kind of role is just perfect for him. The screenwriters, however, decided to give him no character whatsoever and the director may as well of cast Freddie Prince Jr. for all it mattered.

So, in the end, you’ve got a pointless movie with very few good points and a lot of wasted time. This is all coming from a big Will Smith fan too.


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