The Five Year Engagement

Reasons to watch it:

  • Jason Segel
  • The realism in the romance
  • It’s refreshing
  • If you have to see a ‘chick-flick’ you could do a lot worse
  • Good acting and characters


Reasons to skip it:

  • It’s not very funny
  • Sad in some parts
  • Pretty long



The Five Year Engagement is the kind of romance movie I really like to see made. All too often you see some perfect man and woman, destined to be together from the start. Then, there is an obstacle or two that gets in the way of them being together, but they always wind up in each others arms in some grand romantic gesture.

Now to say this movie doesn’t follow that general outline would be something of a lie, but it does it in its own way. The couple wasn’t necessarily made for each other. They both had their own things going on in life, and they weren’t always happy. It didn’t feel like some sort of it-would-never-happen-in-real-life kind of fairy tale. It seemed perfectly plausible, even likely for the majority of the movie. They had real world problems, the same kind of problems you or I might have with our significant others, not movie problems. It made the characters and the whole movie more believable. This is what I most liked about the movie, and also what really grounded the movie for me

All that being said, it was rather long. Not like epicly long, but most romances are around 90-105 minutes while this movie was more like 145 minutes or so. On top of that, generally speaking, it wasn’t very funny. A chuckle here and there, sure, but it could have used more laughs.

Jason Segel is quickly becoming one of my favourite comedic actors. Not because he is the funniest actor, but because he not only does a tremendous job acting, but he isn’t afraid to take on roles without huge amounts of laughs. He plays (and writes) great characters, true and realistic ones. He connects with me on a human level and just seems like he is a really down to earth kind of guy, not caught up in being a hollywood star. I’m looking forward to more from him in future.


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  1. I love Jason segel 🙂

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