The Hunger Games

Reasons to watch it:

  • It’s a pretty interesting world
  • Some decent action
  • If you wan to know what everyone is talking about
  • A few good characters


Reasons to skip it:

  • The acting was decent at best
  • Directing was pretty poor
  • Predictable, and very unrealistic in points



The Hunger Games is an interesting movie to review. I’d like to say first off that I haven’t read the books, so I’m rating this purely on what was presented to me in movie form, nothing more. I enjoyed a lot of this movie, and I also disliked a lot of it. First of all, I really enjoyed the universe that it takes place in. While it’s not the most original, the outfits and the buildings and the general personality of the populace was intriguing. Unfortunately, they spent very little time on this part of the movie.

The movie also had some really solid characters. The problem for me was none of the solid characters were what you would call main characters. Katniss isn’t a bad character, but the acting Jennifer Lawrence employed to portray her was disappointing. Maybe I was so upset by this because I saw a movie called Winters Bone in which she acts her ass off, and then she falls flat in this movie. Or maybe I didn’t like her acting because of the director. Speaking of the director, I disagreed with a lot of what he chose to include or cut in the movie, based off what I’ve heard about the books. I also was displeased with how he decided to shoot the action scenes. There was really only one of them that was satisfying. I understand this movie is catered to a bit of a younger crowd, but at its core you still have kids murdering kids, so they shouldn’t be expecting typical Disney fare, nor should they be delivered Disney fare.

I guess I just mostly feel disappointed overall. This movie really had a lot of potential to be something really cool and different, but instead it fell pretty flat for me. Given a different director, screenwriter and (maybe) lead actress, and I think I could have really enjoyed this movie. Instead, it was only okay.


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