The Dark Knight Rises

Reasons to watch it:

  • All of the reasons
  • More specifically, if you like movies in general and have seen the first two Nolan Batman movies
  • If you even kind of like action or comedy
  • If you really just like movies at all
  • If you don’t like movies but are open to the idea of starting to like movies and are looking for a good movie to put you over the fence


Reasons to skip it:

  • If you just hate movies
  • Or if you hate batman, for some reason
  • If you can’t find close to 3 hours (it’s pretty long)
  • If you don’t want the Nolan Batman era of superhero movies to be over
  • There’s really no reason a person who likes movies should not watch it


I didn’t try to make it subtle, this movies is bloody awesome. I mean of course it was, you knew it would be, but gah dayum it was good. On theme with the site here, I won’t go into specific details of plot points or anything, just trust me on this. This is the end of a great trilogy. It tied everything up very well and made you feel satisfied at the conclusion.

Now I shouldn’t get the hype up too much here. The movie was not without its flaws. There were a few (small) tidbits that I thought could of maybe be done a bit better. I won’t say what, but there were perhaps 4-5 of them. And with that in mind, I have to give credit to Nolan’s second batman movie as being the best in the trilogy, as I thought it was pretty well flawless.

So, brass tax. If you want me to list off all the things that The Dark Knight Rises did well, which is what I normally do in my reviews, I’ll give em to you. Acting was the best of the trilogy, directing was of course fantastic, action was as good as it’s ever been, the plot was intricately weaved, and made me very impressed how everything came together, even from the previous movies. It’s funny, tho not as funny as was the second movie.

Basically, it was the entire package. If you don’t like this movie, or the trilogy, I’m not sure why you are watching movies at all. They are clearly a waste of your time.


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One Response to The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I agree it is fantastic but not as good as the 2nd of the trilogy. The Dark Knight is a hard movie to beat as it is, as you said, pretty well flawless

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