The Amazing Spider-Man

Reasons to watch it:

  • Well, it’s another spider-man movie, so if you’re a fan of him or superheroes in general.
  • It’s much closer to the comics than the original
  • Loads of action and some pretty funny moments
  • Andrew Garfield is a great spider-man

Reasons to skip it:

  • Doesn’t do a lot to differentiate itself from a hugely inflated superhero genre
  • Over dramatic
  • It will pull you out of the movie a few times, with silly situations
  • Only a decent plot


Yeah, they’ve already rebooted Spider-Man. How should you feel about this? Well, that depends on how you feel about comic book movies to begin with. I say that because it’s really just another comic book movie, even if it does have Spider-Man in the title. It’s got plenty of eye candy, both in action and beautiful people forms. It’s got a passable plot, with more than a couple of holes and cringe worthy moments. It’s also predictably in 3D, which turned out to be unneeded, but probably made Sony an extra few million. It was pretty clear to me that this movie wasn’t made for the love of Spider-Man, it was made because Sony couldn’t simply let such a big cash cow fall to the wayside.

Now it’s not like the movie was a waste of time either. It did provided some relatively mindless entertainment for a couple of hours, even if I was cringing(not in a good way) at a few moments. The villain, lizard man or something, was pretty bland for my taste, and looked pretty poor in animation, but I thought his human character was fairly interesting.

I guess my biggest complaint is this movie just doesn’t stand up in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight era of superhero movies. And that is really a shame, because this movie would of been pretty amazing if not for the bar being set so high. But the bar has been set, and what would of been one of the better superhero movies 5 years ago is now just another one in a huge pack that does little to elevate itself passed it’s competition.


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