Reasons to watch:

  • Some pretty decent laughs throughout
  • Justin Theroux is quite good
  • It’s fun to see a bunch of hippies… being hippies
  • Jennifer Aniston is still hot

Reasons to skip:

  • Some full frontal nudity (male)
  • Aniston/Rudd chemistry is pretty so/so
  • Not exactly a laugh riot, just a few good moments

Wanderlust was a perfectly mediocre and enjoyable comedy. Not a whole lot of real complaints here, but also nothing to note deserving of praise. It was enjoyable to put a bit of a spin on the whole hippie stereotype. It’s just a comedy with a few pretty decent laughs, a little bit of social commentary and a completely predictable plot. And there is really nothing wrong with that, just don’t go expecting anything more.

Honestly, I wish I had more to say about this movie, but the truth of the matter is, you’ve probably seen this exact movie before, just with a slightly different skin on it. You also probably thought exactly the same thing about that movie as I do about this one. So take it as you will


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