Reasons to watch:

  • Incredible visuals
  • Some pretty intense moments
  • For the most part, very good acting.
  • It’s part of the Alien saga, so that’s something


Reasons to skip:

  • Terrible writing
  • Many plot holes
  • Pretty disappointing compared to Scotts other sci-fi movies
  • If you really just get frustrated from stupid character decisions or plot devices, you will be pissed.

As soon as I stepped out of the theater for Prometheus, I at first thought that I had liked the movie. I was still thinking about all the truly amazing visuals. And they really were, I haven’t been that blown away by how a movie looks since Avatar. It could be said that the movie is worth the price of admission on the visuals alone.

And there in lies the problem. The visuals are really about the only thing that the movie does truly well. Of course I’m not going to talk about specific plot details, but I can easily think of about 10 different scenes in the movie that were either very poorly/lazily written or just made no sense at all. After I got out of the theater with my buddy, we talked about silly points we noticed during the movie, and between us it was clear that the writers did a horribly job with things like continuity or just common sense.

You may also be wondering how it ties in with the first Alien. My answer would be fairly well, there are a few connections here and there that help you realize how Alien came to be exactly. That being said, they are a small part of the movie and not worth watching for on that note alone.

So what’s the verdict… I guess if you are going to watch it, the absolute biggest motivator here are the spectacular visuals. If that’s not what you’re into, skip it.


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