Reasons to watch:

  • If you’re a hockey fan
  • If you’re a violence fan

Reasons to skip:

  • If you dislike crude movies
  • If you are want anything more than a typical sports plot line
  • If there is something productive you could be doing with your time

So Goon was a hockey movie with one thing in mind. Throw in a lot of violence and swearing and some all around crude humour. It really does not strive for much more than that. I really don’t think I could recommend this to anyone outside of big hockey and/or violence fans, because it does nothing for you otherwise. It does next to nothing for hockey fans anyway, as that is really just the channel for the violence. The movie could of been about UFC or boxing and that would be literally the only thing different about the movie.
Sure, there were a few funny bits, and a few passable plot points, but overall, there was really nothing to this movie. It is what it is.


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