21 Jump Street

Reasons to watch:

  • Pretty well filled with laughs
  • Hill/Tatum have excellent chemistry
  • Some excellent cameos
  • Very meta

Reasons to skip:

  • Plot was only half decent
  • It’s definitely targeted towards 20 somethings and younger
  • Not exactly realistic

21 Jump Street was a pretty fun movie. It was full of laughing moments and self references. Plenty of memorable scenes. The casting was very well done, and the director was successful in accomplishing what he set out to do. It made some great references to the TV show and to itself, which were a blast. The best part and biggest surprise tho has to be Channing Tatum. He killed it. I’ve never thought of him as having any real talent, but he stole the show from the comedy heavyweight Jonah Hill.
All this being said, I don’t wanna build too much hype. While it was full of laughing moments, I still thought it was going to be even funnier. I had heard such amazing reviews before that I couldn’t help but feel somewhat let down. It was a very enjoyable movie, but not a great one. To me this is similar with how I felt about The Hangover. I heard it was this incredibly funny movie, from like, everyone. Then I watched it. I thought, “yeah, there were some great scenes in there, but overall, not as good as what I heard.”
So, if you are looking for a good laugh, give it a watch. Even if you are out of the target demographic, there will still most likely be something for you. Just don’t go in expecting anything on par with the brilliance of say, The Holy Grail.


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