Piranha 3DD

Reasons to watch:

  • The 3DD
  • David Hasslehoff is hilarious
  • If you enjoy terrible/laughable movies

Reasons to skip:

  • If you don’t like terrible movies
  • If you don’t like 3D, or 3DD
  • If you disliked the first Piranha 3D
  • The acting/plot/direction/whatever else is bad


So as if you couldn’t tell already, this is a bad movie. That being said, it was hilarious an awful lot for such a bad movie. It’s just filled to the brim with bad cliches and stereotypes, but if you’re watching Piranha 3DD, its not for the plot, is it? You only watch this movie to see DD’s in 3D and terribly animated fish going to town on some small population of slutty girls.

In comparison to the first Piranha 3D, I’m saddened to say that it is not as over the top. So, if you didn’t like the first one or were even on the fence about it, don’t expect an improvement here. It’s just more of the same. An argument could be made for it being less of the same actually.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie for what it was, but it takes a special kind of person to enjoy Piranha 3DD


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