Reasons to watch:

  • Brooklyn Decker
  • Good, cheesy action
  • If you want a good laugh/drinking game
  • Excellent references to the source material

Reasons to skip:

  • Plot
  • Acting
  • If you don’t like watching movies you know are bad
  • If you’re expecting anything more than a board game turned into a movie.

It should go without saying that Battleship is not meant to be taken seriously. This is a movie made purely for mindless entertainment, and it is successful in this endeavour. The best part about it, however, are all the references thrown in to the actual board game. This is beautiful stuff, and the biggest reason why I can recommend this movie. Without them it would be the same or worse than any other kind of cheesy action movie.
Also, Brooklyn Decker is extremely hot.
As I said in the reasons to skip, if you’re looking for anything besides what this movie so obviously is, don’t watch it. The quality is only felt when you know what you are getting into. I couldn’t imagine lasting the entire length of the movie if I wanted some sort of plot or was hoping people would bother trying to act.
So just don’t take it seriously. After watching the movie, I was arguing with a friend of mine over plot points like the motivation of the bad guys, then I realized I was arguing over the plot of Battleship and laughed at myself for a good few minutes.


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