The Grey

Reasons to watch:

  • Beautiful northern scenery
  • Liam Neeson kicks some ass
  • Interesting situation
  • Good ending
  • Good for a drinking game.

Reasons to skip:

  • Very unrealistic
  • Plot holes
  • Action is mediocre at best
  • Virtually no comic relief

The Grey has some really cool ideas. I like the idea of a survival movie in the deep north, and I like the idea of humans being hunted by wild animals. It could of been a very intense and gritty story with a lot of human emotion and deep moral decisions. Instead, it was none of these things. I didn’t mind that the group of guys were being hunted by wolves, as unrealistic is that is to begin with, but I did mind just how unrealistically they were in fact hunted. If this is the entire premise of your movie, at least spend a day or two researching how wolves actually act. Without giving away the plot holes, and thus the ‘plot’, you’ll just have to believe me that they are plentiful and largely inexcusable. I normally don’t have too much of a problem with turning off my mind and enjoying a movie, but it has to be the right sort of movie. I’ll tune out plot holes and ridiculous situations when I go to watch Piranha 3D, but when a movie tries to be more than a simple, fun movie like Piranha 3D is, I expect more. The Grey just couldn’t deliver more. The only parts of this movie I actually enjoyed were the often breathtaking scenery, and the end was pretty solid. Other than that, I couldn’t help but groan and moan throughout the rest of this lazily put together movie.


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