Reasons to watch:

  • Excellent acting and directing
  • A more real and visceral story than you normally get to see at the movies
  • If you’re a fan of dark movies

Reasons to skip:

  • Lots of graphic sexuality
  • Very dark
  • The characters… go through some rough stuff
  • Not exactly uplifting
  • Pure drama, no comedy or action to be had here

I have relatively mixed feelings on Shame. Both the acting and directing were exceptional. I love McQueens use of long takes. It makes the movie seem more real, and also brings out better performances from his cast. Fassbender deserves a lot of credit for his work in this movie. He really got the emotional turmoil of being an addict across well. I went in to this movie expecting something like Requiem for a Dream for sex addiction. In some ways I got that, but in several others it was much different.
Despite liking this movie overall, there were some things that I think could of been done better. One example is the story. There was nothing wrong with it in terms of plot holes, but there was not much of a story anyway. I think this is because McQueen was trying to get us to look more into the window of the life of a sex addict than making a grand story to surround it. The result is basically looking into the day to day life with a few notable events. I think it would of been improved with more of an up and down story. It’s tough to talk about why without getting into plot details, but the story is pretty lacking.
So, again, overall I did like Shame. Mostly for how bold and visceral it was in tackling a subject that comes up in movies very infrequently. That being said, it is not without its faults.


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