The Muppets

Reasons to watch:

  • The Muppets is what you think it will be
  • Good wholesome family fun
  • It’s silly and doesn’t take itself serious
  • Watch it when you feel like something light and nice
  • If you like Flight of the Conchords

Reasons to skip:

  • If you don’t like puppets or family movies
  • If you want something more serious
  • If you don’t like singing

The Muppets was a lot of fun. The songs were great, the silliness was perfect. The performances were all well done. I really liked the cameos as well. Another thing I really enjoyed is how much this movie really was about the Muppets. The Muppets weren’t some back story to a Jason Seagul/Amy Adams romance, they were the stars! If you are looking for a great throwback to your younger days, you can’t do much better than The Muppets to help you out. If you’re just looking to feel good for a couple of hours, The Muppets have your back there too. Just be prepared for some silly times, as the movie is quite silly indeed.


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