Reasons to watch:

  • Super hero movie
  • Good action sequences
  • Gripping story
  • Surprisingly well acted
  • Realistic (for the subject matter)

Reasons to skip:

  • If you dislike handheld camera movies (like Cloverfield)
  • The CGI was a bit spotty at times

I had decently high expectations going into Chronicle and it surpassed even what I was expecting. I found this movie to be something of a gem in a usually bland new year line up of movies. It told a good story about 3 teenagers who mysteriously acquire telekinetic super powers, and what they do with them. There are a few things that set Chronicle apart from what could have been an average movie, however. They made an attempt to be realistic in this situation. The kids who get the powers don’t suddenly go around fighting super villains. Instead, they play around with them, experiment, make practical jokes. They do the kind of things I would do if I suddenly had their abilities. It brought me into the story that much more. It’s hard to relate to a multi-billionaire playboy, but easy to relate to a few regular guys. All this being said, it wouldn’t of worked if the kids couldn’t act. There have been loads of teenagers-get-a-super-power movies, but rarely are the teenagers actually believable in their actions. Simply put normally the kids they cast just can’t act. These kids could, especially the more troubled of the three.
Another aspect I quite liked was the lack of a true villain. Again, this grounds the film in realism. Usually as soon as someone receives their super powers in a movie, some ultra villain acquires their own abilities and comes up with some ridiculous scheme for world domination. Now I don’t want to give away anything of course, but the finale here was far better for not taking that route. While there was a clear moral side, it was a regrettable one. Nobody tried to conquer anyone else, it was just some confused kids with what turned into incredible super powers.
The only slight, slight problem I had was with the CGI. Perhaps I am just too spoiled, but there were a few scenes where I could clearly tell that CGI was in play. I mean of course I KNOW CGI is in play when they are moving things around with telekinesis, but on 2-3 occasions the CGI was just a bit more obvious, looked a little more fake.
In the end, it was a constantly entertaining, often funny and surprisingly well made movie. I’m looking forward to seeing more from the three main actors and especially the screenwriter/director.


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