Another Earth

Reasons to watch:

  • A good drama, well acted and directed
  • Makes you think
  • Some very cool sci-fi shots
  • Excellent characters

Reasons to skip:

  • This movie should not be seen for its sci-fi elements alone
  • It is primarily a character piece
  • It’s not a cheerful movie

Off the bat, I enjoyed Another Earth. I thought it was well made and had a lot of really cool ideas. I have to get to my beefs with it right away tho. This movie is not based around the other earth. It is merely a backdrop to an otherwise good drama. The other earth does add an interesting element, but the movie should not be watched for this alone. Another beef is realism. Of course I knew I would have to suspend my disbelief when there is an exact copy of the earth so close to our own, but there were other things that could of been more realistic. I’m no physicist but I know that with another planet that massive and so close, things like the tides and therefore weather patterns would change drastically. I’m willing to overlook this because its a pretty low budget film and really not what the point of the movie is about. One thing that I’m not willing to overlook, tho, is they screwed up the size of the moon. The moon is roughly 1/4 the size of earth but whenever you saw earth 2’s moon it was maybe 1/8th. There were a few other basic physics elements that were amiss but I wont go into all of them. I did enjoy the rest of the sic fi elements tho, it had me thinking about some interesting things, which I will not spoil for you. I do feel the need to repeat myself in saying that this is still not to be watched for the sic fi alone. It is really a story about a girl who gets into a tragic situation and tries to make things better. The dramatic situation are quite sad, which makes it a difficult movie to watch at times. That also made me like it all the more. While it was so off base to most dramatic pieces, for that reason it seemed more grounded and the characters more dynamic. I love having a deep sense of realism in my dramas and I felt this movie had that, Earth 2 not withstanding.
If you like a well acted drama with a truly unique backdrop, this is a good movie to watch. If you’re only in it for the sic fi or dislike unrealistic physics in movies you will be disappointed.


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