Tower Heist

Reasons to watch:

  • Mindless fun
  • A good return to old school Eddie Murphy
  • A decent way to spend 1.45hrs

Reasons to skip:

  • If you feel like doing something productive
  • If you want something more than a popcorn flick
  • If you dislike Eddie Murphy or Ben Stiller
  • If you want a really good heist movie

Tower Heist does well in not taking itself seriously. It’s not out to win any awards or break any box office records. It was mostly just the actors having a good time on screen and getting paid for it. And that’s fine because it was just entertaining enough. A perfect throw away never think of again kind of movie. I enjoyed it while I watched it but I likely won’t ever think of this movie again. It did several things well but nothing stood out, except perhaps Alan Alda, who gave a surprisingly good evil wall street guy performance. It was also nice to see Eddie Murphy in a roll that had nothing to do with being a good family man. It was Murphy actually just being Murphy, and that was probably my favourite part. Otherwise this movie offers nothing more than a vessel to turn off your mind and relax for a couple of hours.


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