The Artist

Reasons to watch:

  • It’s a fun movie
  • Well directed
  • Well acted
  • Great setting
  • A good throwback to silent movies
  • A very rare movie in how it is made and told, one you are not like to see again any time soon
  • Cute dog
  • It’s a great experience.

Reasons to skip:

  • It’s a silent black and white movie
  • Few comedic moments
  • No action
  • Mediocre story

I enjoyed The Artist quite a bit. It’s extremely well directed. I loved the casting, the characters they got for the movie were all excellent, it made me feel like I was watching actual movie stars from the era. The music was amazing, perhaps my favourite part. Being a silent movie otherwise, it would of likely been difficult without the music to convey things like tone or to just keep you interested at all times. The music accomplishes this and more. The acting was very good in that they all had to be very expressive, and this was expertly done by the actors. The director was able to put it together extremely well to make it feel as authentic as possible. The only thing I can say I was not impressed with was the story. It’s pretty typical in that it is about an actor who is something of a relic in a quickly changing industry and whose pride refuses to let him adapt to the new style of film. There’s nothing wrong with the story, it just does not feel unique in any way to me. But of course, this movie is still very unique in every other way and easy to recommend to anyone who enjoys movies.


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