Reasons to watch:

  • Anyone who loves film and the art of cinema
  • If you have an appreciation for film making of the highest form
  • If you like 1930’s Paris
  • If you like grand adventures
  • Excellent story and direction

Reasons not to watch Hugo:

  • If you dislike period pieces
  • If you need violence and action in your movies
  • If you want a typical Scorsese kind of movie

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Hugo. Really, what’s not to like? It’s almost as if Scorsese were making a ode to film. He put all of his love for Cinema into it, and you can tell. You really go on an adventure with the kids from this movie, but it’s not simply a child’s adventure movie. It’s so much deeper, with excellent character development and acting. The whole production was put together with much love and care. The sets were remarkable, the costumes fantastic and the score was perfect. The whole cast was spot on but Sasha Baron Cohen was especially a delight.
To be sure if you want action or comedy out of your movie, this isn’t the choice, but that in no way is a bad thing, because this is an amazing adventure appropriate for families or single 25 year old guys like myself who just love a good movie.


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